Food & Supplements We Feed & Recommend 

 It has been our experience that being proactive and feeding a very healthy diet has resulted in very long lives with very minimal health issues. 

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Registration Papers / Showing Your Puppy

To receive your pups AKC Limited registration papers go to the NEUTER/SPAY link on the left side of this page and fill out the form and also provide us with a copy of your pups proof of neuter/spay via postal mail, email or fax to 413-473-2423.

AKC Limited Registration

All of LMS Schnauzers are placed on spay/neuter contracts with AKC limited registration. Spayed or neutered, a dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration cannot be shown in conformation, however, is eligible to compete in other AKC events such as: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Barn Hunt, Earthdog and Lure Coursing.

Take The Grand Tour

Click the box below to take a grand tour of our home right here on our website.  See pictures and videos showcasing our dogs, puppies, our home, our yards, the nursery, and much more!! You might also enjoy reading our guestbook to see what others families have experience with our breeding program. Our guestbook has pages and pages of posts dating back to when we started our website in 2004.

Visiting Policy


NOTE- Due to Covid we will NOT be doing our regular litter visitation day but will be sending weekly updates which include pics & videos. We will also be available for scheduled phone consults if you need help choosing your puppy.

We cant wait to meet you in person and introduce you to our babies!! We invite each pups new family to visit our home on Litter Visit Day and again on Litter Pick Up Day! The majority of our litter is usually spoken for several months before they are even born. In the very rare event that we do happen to have a puppy available all visitors must first...

1) Fill out our questionnaire, and received questionnaire approval.

2) Have already placed a deposit on the puppy/litter you are visiting.

Keep in mind we only have one visit day and one pick up day for each litter so mark your calendar and make these dates a priority in your schedule.  The perfect age to visit your puppy is 7 weeks. This is the age you can really start seeing each pups individual personality and when most people choose which puppy is right for them! In the meantime we will E-mail you weekly updates, with pictures & videos.

All Litter Visit Days and Puppy Pick Up Days are scheduled in the afternoon and always on a weekend. If for any reason you cant make it to the scheduled Litter Visit Day we will see you on Scheduled Puppy Pick Up Day for your litter, which will be scheduled when your pup is 8-9 weeks old!

We highly discourage pups being left here after the Litter Pick Up Day! We give you the scheduled pick up date when the pups are about a week old.  If the pick up date isn't right for you PLEASE wait until the next litter. Its not fair to us our the puppy to be left here after the rest of the litter goes home. Puppies not picked up on the scheduled litter pick up day will have a boarding/socializing/training fee of $100 per day and this MUST be prearranged with us BEFORE you commit to that particular litter.

Deposit Policy, Procedure & Price


By placing a deposit with us you agree that you have read and accept our non-refundable deposit policy. 

 Deposits are accepted only AFTER the questionnaire has been approved. Deposits are non-refundable. Before placing a deposit with us you agree you have taken into consideration all aspects of adding a new puppy to your family,  as we have a non-refundable deposit policy and no exceptions will be made to this policy. By choosing to place a deposit with us you are making a sincere commitment to give one of our pups a loving forever home and you realize once we have taken your deposit we are then turning away many serious buyers as we can only take a very limited number of deposits for each sex/color.


As a courtesy, if you the buyer decide to pass on an offered puppy, change your mind due to unforeseen events or any other reason, You may stay on the wait list for a future available puppy at the current puppy price which may be more than when you originally placed your deposit.  Your deposit is good for 2 years from the original deposit date.  If you change your mind and choose not to get a puppy from us all together, your deposit will not be refunded.   

Please remember we cant predict the number of pups, the sex or the color that will be born in each litter. There is a chance that you will have to wait an average of 4-12 months for your puppy. This is why we recommend getting on our sooner than later. 


We will let you know as soon as your new furbaby is born! If we haven't already received your deposit we will ask for one at that time to hold your puppy until our scheduled litter pick up day.

We Do Not Ship Puppies but can discuss the possibility of meeting you at the Seatac International Airport. We do charge $100 Airport meeting fee. We reserve the right to cancel any sale up until buyer actually takes possession of the puppy. In the very rare event that this would ever happen all money will be refunded.

Questionnaire ~ Who's Available?

If you have decided we are the breeder for you and would like to place a deposit on an available puppy or upcoming litter. Please fill out our questionnaire.  All pups are placed in only the best homes possible. Our pups are placed as family companions on a spay/neuter contract with limited AKC registration. If your questionnaire has been approved you will receive an E- mail or phone call letting you know.

​All pups are first offered to our deposit/waitlist customers. In the rare event we have a puppy that didn't match up to the sex/color/timing requests on our wait list then that puppy(s) will be clearly listed as "available" on the Who's Available page.

Wait List & Choosing Your Puppy

Once we receive your deposit you will be put on our wait list for the sex/color of your choice. Many times you can get a puppy sooner if you have specified a 2nd choice of sex and/or color. The average wait time for a puppy is 4-12 months. We will contact you as soon as we have a puppy born for you. You may even have more than one to choose from. In the meantime we will email you weekly pics or videos so you can watch your puppy blossom over the next 8-9 weeks. 

To learn more about how our wait list works Click Here

Exceptional Quality ~ Exceptional Care

 Our breeding program produces puppies that are beautiful, happy, healthy, outgoing bundles of joy! Our pups stay with us until 8-9 weeks of age. By time they are old enough to go home, they are very self confident, well socialized and ready to bond with their new family. All of our babies are fed only the very best in holistic nutrition and always kept up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, de-wormings & health exams. Our pups come to you with a huge start on potty training, health guaranteed and microchipped. all our puppies are placed on AKC Limited Registration with neuter/spay contracts.

CLICK HERE to see how our pups are raised the first 8 weeks

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CLICK HERE to read pages and pages of references from our happy customers and what they have to say about our puppies and breeding program.

New Puppy Parents

We are deeply devoted to giving our puppies the very best start possible. In return we expect only the best for them from their new families.

Please take the time to read the information below along with the FIRST 8 WEEKS PAGE, and the many pages we have provided on the Private LMS Puppy Prep School site so you are fully prepared before your new puppy comes home and together we can make the transition from our home to yours as stress free as possible on your new baby.

Out Of State?

Due to the USDA Animal Welfare Act that went into effect November 18, 2013, we CANNOT ship puppies. All sales must take place face to face, meaning the buyer, seller and puppy must all be present at the time of sale. We welcome you to come to our home to purchase your puppy in person and then fly back home with your new puppy under your seat in an airline approved soft carrier also known as a Sherpa bag.  We are only a 40 minute drive from Sea-Tac International Airport. The new regulation does allow this "face to face" sale to take place at another location other than our home so if you must book a turn-a-round flight it is a possibility that we can bring the puppy and meet you in person at the Sea-Tac International Airport. Please check with me for acceptable times/dates before making any flight reservation. 

NOTE: Flying a puppy home with you under your seat will require an airline approved sherpa bag. Our Airport Drop Off  Service is an additional $100

Driving Distances To Our Home In Puyallup, WA. 

Seattle-(Sea-Tac International Airport) - 40 minutes
  Portland, OR. - 2 & 1/2 hours
 Vancouver, BC. Canadian Border - 2 & 1/2 hours
 Spokane, WA. / Coeur d' Alene, ID. - 5 hours
 Boise, ID. - 8 hours
 Bozeman, MT. - 11 hours

Genetic Health Testing

We have carefully selected our breeding dogs from some of the top champion bloodlines in this breed. We strive to breed to the AMSC breed standard and improve our lines with every breeding. Every dog owned by LMS has been health tested and has had their OFA for eyes, and heart.

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LMS Puppy Prep School

~We have created a web site to help prepare and educate our new families for their pups arrival. There you will find everything from A To Z you need to know to prepare for your new puppy and to make the transition into your home a smooth one. You will know how to successfully raise, a happy, healthy, safe, socialized, trained. well mannered miniature schnauzer. We are fully dedicated to giving our precious puppies the very best start in life. in return, we expect the very best for our pups from their new family. So please take the time BEFORE you bring your new puppy home, to educate yourself and your family by using our Puppy Prep School Website. You will not only know what to expect, but will also be fully prepared for your new addition.

 Once we receive your deposit you will receive access to our  "LMS Puppy Prep School" website.

Puppy Ears & Tails

Our pups have their dewclaws removed and tails docked at 3-4 days old. EVERY puppy is placed with natural ears. We DO NOT offer ear cropping. You will need to locate a vet that specializes in Schnauzer crops in your local area. Most vets like to do it at 8-12 weeks of age and charge $500-$700.

Training The Natural Ear

We suggest not cutting or shaving the hair on the ear for the first 12 months. The weight of the extra hair helps weigh down the ear into place until the cartilage hardens. During this time it is ok for your groomer to clean away the hair out of the inside of the ear canal, clean away the hair around the ear opening, as well as scissor around the edge of the ear to tidy up.