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If you have a LMS puppy, you already know we love to keep in touch and updated on your LMS Schnauzer! We value the wonderful friendships we have made with our "extended kennel family" We are always here for lifetime breeder support!! We invite you to click on the box below to post a message in our guestbook to share all about your the experience with your LMS puppy and us as your breeder!

Therapy Dog Visits

Norman is a wonderful therapy dog he is very calm and cool nothing ever phases this guy. He loves everyone he meets and will snuggle on anyone's lap or bed for as long as they will have him. I was amazed on our very first visit that Norman instinctively knew exactly what to do! When we approach each person in their wheel chair. He will stand up on his 2 back legs and rest his front paws and head in their lap for petting. He will happily stay in that position until I tell him its time to visit the next person. Norman likes all kinds of people, he visits with short term rehab, long term care, respite & hospice patients at a local health care facility.

Therapy Dog visits with Norman are so very rewarding. I went in thinking I would bless them, but I was the one who left feeling so blessed.

Updates & Congrats

Congrats To Ollie for earning several Lure Coursing and Barn Hunt titles!!

Congrats to Ludwigs Ollie The Great McLover for earning 2 more AKC agility titles!

Treasure earned her Rally Excellent title with a 1st placement and two 2nd placements.

WooHoo Norman has now earned his AKC Rally Excellent title with a 2nd & 4th placement.

Norman has also earned AKC Rally Advanced Title! & His 2nd leg was an almost perfect score of 99.

His 3rd leg was a 2nd place with just 1 point between us and the first place team.

Treasure has earned her AKC Rally Novice title with two second placements! Treasure has also earned her AKC RA Rally Advanced title. She also has her first leg towards her AKC RE Rally Excellent title with a 1st place score! We are hoping to get the final 2 legs next weekend!

Treasure earned her AKC STAR Puppy and her AKC CGC certifications. 

"Norman" CH. Blackwitch Nite Eclipse CD RE RA RN BN TDI CGC Congrats to Norman for earning his CD title, with a 1st and a 2nd place out of 19 dogs at the Monroe show and a 1st and 4th place at the Puyallup show!!

Norman has earned his Rally Novice title!! He earned the first and second Rally legs at the Puyallup show his first leg he placed in the top 4 and his second leg he took 1st place with a perfect score of 100!! Normans third rally leg was a 3rd place with a score of 97 at the April WSOTC Trial.

Norman has earned his Beginner Novice Obedience title!! He got his first 2 legs with scores of 195.5 and 197 at the Seattle show and his 3rd leg at the April WSOTC trial with a score of 195.5

Norman has earned both his CGC and his Therapy Dog certifications!

Responsible Breeding

As a responsible breeder our puppies are health guaranteed and placed as family companions with spay/neuter contracts and Limited AKC Registration (not to be used for breeding purposes)

Our breeding dogs have had their required OFA screenings and eye CERF required by the AMSC and the Canine Health Info Center to qualify for a CHIC number. You can see each dogs CHIC number and test result on our Health Certifications page. Our commitment is not only for the first 8 weeks but LMS provides a lifetime of education and support to our new families. If for any reason you can no longer care for your LMS puppy/adult we require the dog come back to us or we can assist you in finding the best home possible. We very rarely ever get a dog back due to our dedication in only placing our pups in the best homes possible. Every LMS puppy is microchipped with LMS as an an alternate contact this is not only to help with the recovery of your pet, but also to ensure no pup produced by LMS will ever end up homeless, in a shelter, pound or rescue organization. Our breeding program produces dogs that not only make excellent family companions but also have the temperaments and intelligence to successfully participate in programs such as The Delta Society, Therapy Dog International, 4-H Dog Program, AKC Obedience, Rally &  Agility events as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizens Program. Meet our LMS Super Stars!

Genetic Health Testing

We have carefully selected our breeding dogs from healthy champion bloodlines and strive to breed to the American Miniature Schnauzer Club breed standard and improve our lines with every breeding. Every dog owned or co-owned by LMS has qualified for their CHIC # and has been genetic health tested. You can see the proof of these tests on the web sites below as well as on our Health Certifications page. 

Each health test is registered with the web sites below

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)

Canine Eye Research Foundation (CERF)

NOTE: Guard against fraud!! Many breeders claim their dogs have all their health certifications hoping you will take their word for it. I suggest before you place a deposit on a puppy that you check for proof of their certifications on the above websites. 

CLICK HERE to make sure you know what a real OFA certificate looks like.

CLICK HERE to see what an eye CERF looks like

Our Goals & Values

Here at LMS we continue to set ourselves apart not only by the superior quality of puppies we produce, but by our commitment to excellence, perfection and knowledge. We strongly stand by the code of ethics set forth by the AMSC. Our goal for every puppy produced is for health, temperament & conformation. We are deeply devoted to giving our puppies the very best start possible. In return we expect only the best for them from their new families! We take Responsible Dog Ownership very seriously! We believe every dog has the right to reach its full potential as a very well mannered, well behaved family member and strongly recommend obedience training for every puppy and stress every dog owner know the importance of Training, Socialization and Exercise. Not only do LMS pups get the very best of care throughout their first 8 weeks of life such as daily care, best in nutrition, mental stimulation, socialization, and medical care. We are also very committed to only placing our puppies in the safest, responsible and most loving "Forever Homes" possible.

How It All Started

"Some animals come into our lives and quietly go. Others leave pawprints on our hearts, and we are never the same again" 

The Mini Schnauzer has held a special place in my heart since I was a young child. Growing up we had a Poodle named Taffy and a Golden Retriever mix named Shilo although I loved them both neither won my heart as did our two wonderful salt & pepper Mini Schnauzers named Schultz and Sasha. I am a true believer that every child should have a dog. I have very fond memories of growing up with Schultz and Sasha and not sure how I would have survived the journey through childhood without them. It is these very memories and my love for this breed that has made Ludwig's Mini Schnauzers what it is today!