Example Of Our Wait List

1) Chris - BS Girl (After next year)

2) David - SP Girl  /  SP Boy

3) Melody- SP Girl/ BLK Girl

4) Joe- BS Boy

5) Jackie- BLK Boy / BLK Girl

6) Charles - BLK Boy 

7) Dana - BLK Girl / BS Girl / SP Girl 

8) Susan -BLK Girl (after September)

9) John - BS Boy / BLK Boy

Wait List Explained

Everyone is put in line on our waiting list in the order of the date their deposit was received, however keep in mind not everyone is waiting for same sex/color. We breed all 3 colors and there are 2 sexes so there are 6 different color/sex combinations possible. This is almost like having 6 different wait lists in one.  To make it even more complicated some people have a first choice, second choice and some even a third choice on what color/sex combo.

The example on the right shows...  "Jackie" may be 5th in the overall line, but that doesn't mean she will be getting the very 5th puppy born. Jackie is the first person in the line who requested a black male. Two of the people ahead of her David & Melody are wanting salt & pepper females, another person "Joe" is waiting for a black and silver male and the very first person on the list Chris cant take a puppy until next year when they retire.

So let's say our Spring litter has arrived. We have a litter of 2 black males and 3 black and silver females. Jackie would be contacted that we have a puppy born for her and she would get first pick of the two black males, because she was the first person in line for that color/sex puppy. Charles is 6th in the overall line, but that doesn't matter because he is the next person in the line who has asked for a black male so he will get the remaining black male puppy. Ok now that the black boys are spoken for it is time to go through the list and find out who is getting the three black and silver girls.  The 1st person on the list "Chris" wants a black and silver girl but will be skipped because Chris wont be ready for a puppy until next year. The next person on the list wanting a black and silver girl is 7th in line. "Dana" has requested a black and silver girl as her second choice, she will be contacted that her puppy is born and she will get 1st pick of the three black and silver girls. 

Now after looking over my entire waiting list I then realize no one still waiting on the list wants a black and silver female so I will then advertise the 2 remaining black and silver females as "AVAILABLE" on my website and will accept applications on them even though I still have people on my list. 

This is how the waiting list works! I'm sorry I can't give you a clear answer of where you are in line until after the pups are actually born. We just won't know if we have a litter of 1 or a litter of 6. Once they are born we will know what sex and color combos we have in the litter and be able to match them up with our wait list.  Many times the more open you are to a second choice of sex or color the sooner you may get your puppy. I hope this helps you understand why I can only give you an estimated time frame. Such as Spring/Summer. We will contact you once we have a puppy born for you and you will then have 8 weeks to get ready.

Choosing Order
Pups are chosen when you meet them in person on our litter visit day. 

If you can't come to litter visit day you  wont loose your place in line for example say Jackie lives out of state and will only be flying here for pick up day. In this case she would be able to see the many pictures and videos over the 7 weeks before visit day. She would already have a really good idea of their personality and temperaments to help her choose. If she needed further guidance I would let her know which of the 2 black boys I thought was the best match for the temperament, personality, energy level that she is looking for. Charles would come to our home on visit day already knowing he will get one of the 2 black boys but won't know which one until Jackie takes her pick. Charles ends up falling in love with both boys and said he feels sorry for Jackie because it would be impossible to choose between them and he will be thrilled with either boy. I have never had this happen but if you are not happy with the puppy when you visit then you may continue to wait on the list. The problem we have is people have a very hard time choosing because all our pups are wonderful!