Ludwigs Schnauzer Is An AKC Bred With H.E.A.R.T. Breeder

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Proud Member
Of Tacoma Kennel Club
LMS Breeding Dogs Have OFA Cardiac & Eye Certifications

Here at LMS (Ludwig's Mini Schnauzers) we continue to set ourselves apart not only by the superior quality of puppies we produce, but by our commitment to excellence, perfection and knowledge. We strongly believe in health testing and stand by the code of ethics set forth by the AMSC. As a responsible breeder all our pups are placed with Limited AKC Registration and spay/neuter contract. Our breeding program produces dogs that not only make excellent family companions but also have the temperaments and intelligence to successfully participate in programs such as The Delta Society, TDI Therapy Dog, AKC Obedience, Rally & Agility events. We are deeply devoted to giving our puppies the very best start in life. Every LMS puppy is raised with our eight week LMS Above & Beyond Socializing Program, as a result when our puppies go to their new homes they adjust seamlessly into their new environment. LMS puppies are very outgoing, well adjusted and tend to be unfazed by things that would cause fear in your average puppy. We have built a strong canine-human connection with each puppy resulting in a very trusting, affectionate puppy who is eager to love  and bond with their new family.

Offering lifetime education and support to every new family.